Frequently Asked Questions: Life Jewel™ Necklaces and Bracelets

Q: Is the Life Jewel™ for anyone?

A: Yes. The DNA of all of us, people and pets,  can be preserved in a Life Jewel™ Pendant.

Q: Can the DNA in the Life Jewel™ be used for cloning or DNA testing?

A: The transformation of DNA into a Life Jewel™ makes DNA unsuitable for these purposes.

Q: What kind of sample is required?

A: DNA from dogs and cats can be purified from a cheek swab, a few tufts of fur, or a small (1 ml) blood sample. DNA from horses is purified from pulled mane or tail hairs or a small blood sample. DNA from birds or reptiles is purified from a single drop of blood. DNA can also be found in bird feathers.

Q: Is there really enough DNA in these samples to be visible?

A: A 1 ml blood sample from a mammal (or a drop of blood from a bird or reptile) contains enough DNA for a Life Jewel™. DNA from hair or cheek swabs is augmented by botanical DNA. The botanical DNA acts as a lattice, supporting and volumizing the DNA without interfering with the sample DNA’s unique properties.

Q: Where exactly is the DNA in the Life Jewel™?

A: The DNA is the colored material supported on the wire helix. Purified DNA passes thru a stage where it appears almost like egg white. At that stage it binds an iridescent pigment and is wound around a wire helix. After setting it is immersed in clear protective resin and displayed in a glass vial.

Dog DNA collection

Q: My pet has passed away. Is it too late to have a Life Jewel™ made?

A: If your pet has just passed your veterinarian can contact us for sample suggestions and it is still possible to take a cheek swab within a few hours. If you kept some fur from your pet, it is possible to purify very small amounts of DNA from it; we recommend combining it with a sample from another companion or yourself. Cremated ashes can be combined with DNA from another pet or person to make a Memorial Life Jewel™. Many clients use their own DNA for this purpose.

Q: How fragile is the Life Jewel™?

A: The outer vial of the Life Jewel™ is glass, with all the advantages and disadvantages of glass. The glass may crack if dropped on or bumped against a hard surface. The acrylic resin inside the vial will keep the glass and DNA Helix in place but prevents the DNA Helix from being recovered and placed in a new vial. For that reason Perpetua retains a portion of the purified DNA and can replace the Life Jewel™ at the current retail price.

Q: Is the Life Jewel™ waterproof?

A: The setting on the glass vial is not intended as a water-proof seal. Also, if your Life Jewel™ has a leather cord component it will harden with exposure to water. For these reasons we recommend that you remove your Life Jewel™ for bathing, showering, or swimming.

Q: What warranty does Perpetua offer?

A: With the exception of cracking or breakage of the glass vial (mentioned above),  Perpetua will repair or replace manufacturing faults free of charge up to 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not include damage caused by improper handling, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear and tear. Breakage or cracking of the glass container can’t be repaired . Perpetua retains a portion of the purified DNA for replacement at the current retail price.

Q: Does Perpetua have a refund policy?

A: We are happy to refund your entire payment prior to beginning production of your item. Due to the custom nature of the Life Jewel, full refunds are not available once your DNA sample has been purified and your item is in process. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your finished Life Jewel, Perpetua will work with you to replace it. This may require submission of a new DNA sample.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Life Jewel™?

A: We generally ship your finished item(s) approximately two weeks after receiving your sample(s). Keep in mind that  holiday times are busy and may have longer turn-around times. Please factor in mailing times if you need your Life Jewel™ for a special event.

Q: How do I receive a DNA collection kit?

A: When you order online we automatically send a DNA Collection Kit comprised of a cheekswab and Sample Information Form. If you don’t  receive it within 1 week please email or call.