Hand & Paw Project™ Bracelets


The Hand & Paw Project Bracelet Collection is inspired by Canadian artist Deborah Groenheyde. 

Her dogs Moka and Java, were a great inspiration to her. She rescued them when they were 7.5 weeks old from a shelter on Maui. Their unconditional love flowed through her, and thus the vision for this magnificent piece of art came to life.  

The Icon is of her hand and her dog Moka's Paw. Moka passed over Rainbow Bridge in Jan 2015, and so her brother, Java, has become the Ambassador for the Hand and Paw Project.

Her beautiful work, acknowledges the relationship that humans have with our animals.portion from every sale is donated to rescues around the world.

Bracelets are available in assorted colors and materials and hand crafted with a Silver Plated Pewter metal and Magnetic Closure.