What’s Your Energy Level?

What's Your Energy Level?

Often when we’re called upon to help a family with a dog who is experiencing unwanted behavioral problems, a large part of the problem has resulted because the family is unaware about how important it is when sharing their lives with a canine companion, to match their energy with the energy of the chosen dog.

Being aware of YOUR energy and the energy level of the dog you are considering is a very important consideration that far too many people tend to not think about when they choose their dog.

Too many humans, it seems, pick their dog based more upon style, eye color, cute looks and the color of the dog’s fur rather than considering what this darling puppy might grow up to be in terms of energy level.

I’m sure you can well imagine what might happen if, for instance, a family who loves to sit at home on the couch at every spare moment chooses a lovely black and white patterned, highly energetic Border Collie for their family companion, or the family who loves to hike the mountainside and camp out in below freezing temperatures or scorching dessert heat who decides to share their adventure-seeking life with a low energy English Bulldog who has to carry a lot of weight on those short legs and has difficulties breathing in extremes of temperature.

Believe it or not, these types of extreme mismatches, and plenty that land somewhere in the middle, happen all the time and, of course, both human and canine end up suffering for it and being miserable. A couch potato family paired with a high-energy herding dog that has the ability to work tirelessly all day long will just not be a happy situation.

When choosing the type of dog you should consider for you and your family, your first priority needs to be to take a close and honest look at YOUR energy and then the energy and background history of the dog you might be considering so that you can match energies as closely as possible, then you will both be happy and you won’t have to call me to help you.


 “There are NO bad dogs ~ only misunderstood ones.”


~ Asia Moore, Author & Dog Whisperer
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