Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine Blog Post

Have you ever noticed that when you take your dog out for their daily wanderings on a rainy day that when you arrive at your local park, you’re the only one there?

What happens to everybody and their dog when it rains? I find this to be a rather disturbing phenomenon, especially since I happen to live in the great Northwest, where it tends to rain quite a bit during the winter months.

My husband and I walk our dog religiously three times a day, every day, rain or shine and I’m always astounded when we arrive at our local park during sunny days there are many dogs playing, chasing balls and walking with their humans, but when on rainy days the park is totally deserted.

What happens to all those dogs that are normally outside walking during non-rainy days? Are they forced to hold it until the sun comes out again, or are they given a 2-minute back yard break and that’s it for their boring day?

Have you ever had your dog say to you “No thanks, I’d rather stay home” when you put on their collar and leash (or protective coat)? I haven’t, and my little guy soaks up water like litmus paper. He still wants to go out for his walks and enjoys them just as much, no matter what the weather, which is likely why he just turned 10 and is fit and healthier than some dogs less than half his age.

Dogs don’t care if it’s raining outside and in fact many of them prefer a little wet, so obviously it’s the wimpy human side of the relationship that’s falling way short of their duty to their canine partner when they choose to not walk their dogs just because it’s raining.

Our dogs live for their outside time, it’s the most natural thing for every dog to want to wander their neighborhood, sniff every tree and leave their mark as they cruise about with their humans and to deny them this pleasure just because it might be raining says something pretty damning about many of us humans who only walk their dogs if it’s convenient and the weather suits them.

Walking our dogs every day is not just for days when the weather is pleasant, warm, dry and perfectly suited for us humans ~ it’s for every single day, like the postal service, who, through rain, sleet, hail, snow or storm still deliver their mail.

We need to allow our dogs to deliver their “pee” mail in all types of weather, too, especially since our dogs need their daily exercise to stay fit and healthy and they long for their outings much more than anything else in their day.

When you’re a dog, sleep and even food takes a back seat to exploring the great outdoors with their human counterparts, rain or shine.

 “There are NO bad dogs ~ only misunderstood ones.”


~ Asia Moore, Author & Dog Whisperer
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