A Ripping Good Time

A Ripping Good Time Blog Post

Forget what’s inside the box ~ just give me the paper!

What is it about paper that gets so many of our canine companion excited and in the mood for destruction?

Of course, the answer could be different for every unique dog, however, in the case of my dog, Boris, he loves to rip apart soft, lightweight tissue paper because it’s easy to do, and he can make short work of a sheet of tissue paper in a few seconds. I think he likes the sound of the tearing paper and feels proud of how totally destroyed the paper is when he’s done his worst because all that’s left is a flurry of small bits floating around the room like brightly colored snowflakes.

I know another dog who enjoys ripping apart the paper rolls from used paper towels or toilet paper – not the paper towels or the toilet paper, just the inside, harder rolls. He can hardly wait to grab the cardboard roll and run off with it and when he finds a safe place to enjoy his inanimate quarry, he settles down for a ripping good time.

For many dogs, these cardboard rolls somehow satisfy the urge to echew and tear that is inherent in all our canine friends and the little mess it makes is easy to clean up and certainly far outweighs the huge amount of joy and satisfaction it seems to provide for our dogs.

Of course, you need to be vigilant if you have a dog that is attracted to having his or her way with paper products because this is only a good idea when the dog just rips them apart and then walks away – not if they then eat what they’ve ripped up.

For instance, if your dog or puppy is actually eating the paper or cardboard (or homework) they’re ripping up, that’s an entirely different story. We don’t want our fur friends to get sick from ingesting paper products that could get stuck in their throat or cause an intestinal blockage.

However, if the destruction of paper is nothing more than a ripping good time for your fur friend, let them at it and enjoy the show!

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“There are NO bad dogs ~ only misunderstood ones.”

~ Asia Moore

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