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Bubble Wrap Bingo is a fun game you can play with your dog to help desensitize them from the frightening pops they hear at New Years, Halloween, cars backfiring or any other time there are loud pops going off.

If your dog is fearful of popping sounds, get yourself some different types of bubble wrap (small, medium and large cells).

Have their favorite treats close at hand and call them to you while showing them the bubble wrap – don’t pop any cells, yet. Just show them the bubble wrap, and let them sniff it. Do this several times.

Next, call your dog to you and pop a few of the small cells and if they don’t run away, or if they’ll return to you when you call them, give them another treat. Start with the bubble wrap that has small, quieter cells, and then graduate them to the medium, then larger celled (much louder) bubble wrap.

You’ll find that when you’re consistent with your desensitizing “bubble wrap bingo” game that once your dog is no longer afraid of the bubble wrap when you pop the cells, all you will have to do to get your dog’s attention is to pop a few cells and they’ll come running to you for their treat.

Also, when bringing a new puppy or dog into the home, think seriously about making sure that you get them used to the sounds that might frighten them at an early age by getting them used to these types of high pitched, loud banging and popping or shrieking fireworks and thunder noises so that they don’t have to spend the rest of their life being afraid every time Halloween, New Years or any other sort of celebration or loud noise happens.

Bubble wrap really works! I found this technique to be a very effective way to help my Shih Tzu who now will sit and calmly let me pop very large and loud cells right in front of him without running away. He still blinks his eyes when I pop the large cells, but no longer is afraid and if we happen to be out walking at night and he hears a car backfire off in the distance, he no longer freaks out and tries to beat it back home.

Never underestimate how important it can be for you to take the time to desensitize your puppy or dog to all manner of frightening sounds, especially when bubble wrap is simple to attain, popping good fun and easy way to help your dog.

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~ Asia Moore
Author & Dog Whisperer
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  • Rita B says...

    Also when the weather is bad you can use a fabric softener sheet and rub it all over them. The static electricity removed from there hair will help calm them from the storm.

    December 08, 2015

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