What is a Dog Whisperer?

We are very excited to have Asia Moore join us as our resident Dog Whisperer!  We have added a "Ask a Dog Whisperer" Section to our website so that you can easily ask Asia questions.  We will be posting Questions and Answers once a week so visit us to see how our follower's dogs have stumped them and what they can do about it.

But let's back-up for a moment.  What EXACTLY is a Dog Whisperer? I got together with Asia Moore and asked her a few questions that I'm sure will clear this up.

The EmBARKadero: Asia, what is a Dog Whisperer?

Asia: First of all, let’s get straight about what “Dog Whispering” is NOT because some people seem to have the amusing idea that the term “dog whispering” refers to some sort of hocus-pocus, magical connection where the person doing the “whispering” has the eerie ability to read the dog’s thoughts and convey these to the owner, like some sort of psychic medium talking to the recently departed. Rest assured, this is NOT what “dog whispering” is all about.

While a good “dog whisperer” indeed does have the ability to “read” the dog, this is not accomplished through any sort of dog/human Vulcan mind meld, but rather through a combination of keen observation of body language and understanding of how this relates to the dog’s genetic behavior in the dog’s world of Mother Nature. 

Many humans say their dog is “bad” or their dog has “bad habits”, which is not really true, because there are no bad dogs, just misunderstood ones trying to communicate with their humans. A large part of dog whispering is actually teaching humans to speak dog so the human part of the relationship can learn to be dog’s best friend.

“Dog Whispering” can be difficult to define because it’s a combination of intuition born out of having spent many years observing dogs and their social behavior in their natural environment and then interacting with them at their instinctual level of understanding through the use of energy and body language, just as dogs would do amongst themselves running as a pack in the wild.

“Dog Whispering” is specific and very effective because it plays on the natural instincts and communication tools that a dog already knows and understands. Rather than reacting negatively to your dog’s perceived bad behavior, a “dog whisperer” can teach you how to lead your dog to the positive, good behavior you desire.

The EmBARKadero: How did you get started?

Asia:  I got started when I was about 12 years old, living in the wilds on the west coast of British Columbia where I had endless access to wildlife and spent the greater part of my life with animals. I realized at a young age that I had the sort of energy that made animals gravitate to me and thus I was always immersed in their world, rather than the other way round. When people started to see how easily I could communicate  with animals, they started asking me to help them train their dogs, and the rest, as they say, is many years of history.

The EmBARKadero:  How do your clients (human & canine) benefit?

Asia:  My clients, both canine and human benefit in ways that most might not at first realize because beyond helping to create a much more harmonious relationship between dog and human, which makes everyone so much happier and relaxed, and spreads out into the immediate neighborhood and touches all dog lovers.  Surprising to many of our clients is that the human side of the equation learn so much that can also be transferred into their day-to-day life that helps everyone be healthier and happier even when it doesn’t directly involve dogs. 

For instance, the human might learn how to be more confident in their job or life in general after having a dog whispering session with us because through the use of EMT (Emotional Freedom Technique) we help to remove damaging emotional blockages that have been compromising a relationship, the results of which have far reaching consequences.

The EmBARKadero:  What’s the most unusual case you’ve had and it’s outcome?

Asia:  I’d have to say that one of the most unusual dog whispering cases we’ve had involved two bouncing Belgian Shepherds that did not get along with one another. One of the dogs had a health problem and suffered from regular seizures, while the other dog was perfectly healthy. The lovely lady owner was at her wits end trying to figure out why the dogs were estranged from one another and it took us to come and interview her and see how she communicated with her dogs to realize that the problem between the two dogs had been created by the owner, who was inadvertently treating the unhealthy dog much differently from the healthier dog. As a result of this, the healthy dog knew that there was something wrong with the other dog and as a result, shunned this dog and was actually aggressive toward it and when they were out in the yard together, the unhealthy dog would stay by itself far away from the other dog.

Once we told the lady that she needed to stop treating the unhealthy dog differently (with kid gloves) and worrying all the time, with that “feeling sorry” energy, the dogs became friends again and although the unhealthy dog did eventually pass away, their last few months together were happy.

The lady contacted us after the unhealthy dog passed and here is a short piece of what she had to say (her complete testimonial is on our website:

“Hi Asia & Jim, I just wanted to let you know that Tux died Friday morning. I am not sure if you remember but I had you come over to work with both my dogs (and me) to try and get Kelly to be less aggressive and authoritative over my other dog Tux. Well, your advice worked and Tux went 3 months before another bout of seizures, he usually had them every month. During those 3 months he really came out of his shell and was much more playful with Kelly, friendly with the neighbor dog, would walk past other dogs without pulling and barking as well as being much more comfortable around new people. I became more rough and tough with him and we played a lot. He was a happy boy...I do want to let others know how great you two are...Thanks so much and thank you for helping so many dogs!”

Well, Asia, we're very happy to have you on-board and look forward to some Dog Whispering! If you have a question for Asia simply go to the "Ask a Dog Whisperer" page and you can fill out a short form to submit your question.

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