A Life Jewel of Your Forever Pet

I have had many dogs in my life; all of which I have loved dearly.  But little did I know that when I picked out that cute little bundle of blonde fur in January of 2001 I was taking home what would become my deepest furry soulmate for the next 15 years of my life.  Zoe, a name I already had in mind when I picked her out of a beautiful and very active litter of Golden Retriever puppies, ran straight for me and started charming me before the other pups had even recognized I was there.  There was something different about her; I had never experienced such direct eye contact with a young pup before and it surprised me.  It wasn't long before Zoe was riding home with me to her forever home.  Being the hard core dog lover that I am, I even took a week off from work so I could enjoy the "puppy breadth" while it lasted and make her comfortable in her new home.
Zoe and I developed a deep bond very quickly with our veterinarian even commenting on how he had never seen a dog so bonded to and in-sync with their owner.  Our pet sitter said "if she could climb into your very soul she would".  In fact, I think she did just that.  And so our relationship began....she was by my side during good times and bad and I embraced the unconditional love and companionship that she gave me.  I often said that Zoe was better than therapy and she repeatedly proved to be far more entertaining than I thought any single dog could be. 
Zoe is now 15 years old and sadly, although the deep connection is still there, I can see her faltering and the extra effort she is giving to be with me.  Seeing this, I had been feeling very strongly about having something deeply meaningful and spiritual that I could physically carry with me even when Zoe could no longer be by my side.  I searched the internet high and low, and when I found the work that Dr. Joy Halverson was doing with DNA through her company Perpetua, I knew my search was over.  Her jewelry truly reflects the love and respect she has for animals and the role they play in people’s lives.
Dr. Halverson's technique involves taking a DNA sample from your pet (through a cheek swab collection kit you are sent), purifying it so it passes thru a stage where it appears almost like egg white. At that stage it is bound to an iridescent pigment (a "jewel" color representing a characteristic or trait that you may select) and is wound around a wire helix. After setting, it is immersed in clear protective resin and displayed in a glass vial.  The glass vial can then be used as the main piece for a beautiful memorial necklace or bracelet.
Life Jewel Necklace and BraceletLife Jewel Colors

I immediately contacted Dr. Halverson and was fascinated by the idea of having a tiny piece of Zoe with me…forever.  Of the 10 colors of crystal you can choose from, I chose Lapis which represents “Strength” and preferred the black leather cord bracelet style.  I was beyond excited when I finally received my bracelet.  I wear it always and it gives me an immediate sense of connection with Zoe, whether she is physically with me or not.
And now, I’m very excited to offer these beautiful necklaces and bracelets to all of The EmBARKadero followers through Dr. Halverson.  If you are interested and want to know more about these unique pieces please visit The EmBARKadero Store to learn more or purchase one of these wonderful memorial statements of your pet.  You may have some very specific questions, such as "Can I still have a Life Jewel created if my pet has already passed?"...so, please be sure to also visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. 
Zoe and I send our love to you all!
Diane Feliciano
Founder, The EmBARKadero

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  • robin clemons says...

    How do I get one

    May 14, 2016

  • Jo-Lynne says...

    I have to tell you the Dr. Joy is amazing!!! I have spent hours on the phone crying and carrying on when I lost 2 Danes within 6 months of each other!! Her work is amazing!! And knowing that I will always carry Marley and Hercules around my neck and my son has the key chain.. It makes me feel like they are right there!!!
    Thank you Dr Joy for being you and the things you do!!!?

    May 11, 2016

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